Renewable Energy Solution

Our Renewable Energy Solutions

We, SARBS Communications Limited has been started to work in the field of Renewable Energy sector in BD market through our skilled technical team. Our team members has vast experience more than 8 years on different pioneer projects under Government and Privet sectors particularly in Renewable Energy field. We are totally align and work with IDCOL & SREDA by participating their different workshops and programs. Our Solutions on Renewable energy field are: 

1)Solar On-grid rooftop net metering solution
2)Hybrid Solar power solution with grid-interactive features
3)Telco based solar off-grid solution
4)Solar Pumping Irrigation and drinking water Solution
5)Solar powered street lighting solutions
6)Solar MW Trunkey project consultancy

Solar On-grid rooftop net metering solution

•We provide On-grid solar system after analyzing your roof top free space and current load profile. Our expertise engineering team always dedicatedly working on it.
•We also working under IDCOL financing On-grid rooftop net metering program having system capacity above 200KWp. Where you don’t need to invest a single amount.
•Mostly return of Investment period is about 7 years whereas our designed solar plant lifetime is 20 years.
•Through our Net metering solution, you can export surplus energy to national grid also.
•This System will keep remain your environment green by reducing CO2 emission.

Hybrid Solar power solution with grid-interactive features

We provide your grid-interactive hybrid solar solution to support your critical loads live for expected hours.
You can also feed the produced energy to the utility grid as well as live your critical load during load shedding time by using bi-directional Inverter.
This feature is included with Li-ion battery which will have no CO2 emission impact on environment. 

Telco based solar off-grid solution

We have package off-grid solar power solution for Telco BTS. This solution included Li-ion battery.
Mostly feasible for remote site where no commercial power available.
Our combine Power solution (Solar + Li-ion battery) will reduce your DG run hour (almost zero) which will help you to reduce OPEX cost about 60% by saving fuel consumption.

 Our off-grid Telco Solar power solution can minimize your dependency on commercial grid power. 


Solar Pumping Irrigation and drinking water Solution

Solar operated pump is one of the more feasible solution for our farmer due to almost zero OPEX cost as compare to diesel pump.
CAPEX also affordable range for the Customer.
ROI comes within 3 years if we compare with diesel pump.
Reduce CO2 emission and keep the environment green. Almost zero maintenance cost.
We also worked under IDCOL Solar Irrigation program. Our Solar pumping products tested and certified from BUET. 

Solar powered street lighting solutions

We have integrated solar street light solution included Li-ion battery having longer design life.
CAPEX is little higher than conventional street light but OPEX is almost zero.
No dependency on grid power.
Auto on-off feature through light sensor
Power optimizing function.

 Remotely monitor data through GPRS and RFID.



SARBS Renewable Division Team Organogram



Our Completed RE Project:

1.200 units Solar Street Lights Project under Green Bangla Foundation ( At 2 unions under Ukhia Upazila).
2. 10Hp Solar Irrigation Pumping System under Mridha Agri Care Ltd. (At Chachra, Jessore).
3. 5KWp On-Grid Roof Top Solar Energy System under Ismail Bin Ibrahim (At Baridhara, Dhaka).

4. 10KWp On-Grid Roof Top Solar Energy System under CPDL (At Chittagong).

On-going RE Project:
1.1000 units Solar Street Lights Project under Green Bangla Foundation (At 10 Different Upazila under Rajshahi and Jessore).
2. 300KWp On-Grid Roof Top Solar Energy System under SHANGU Tex Limited (At Dosaid, Ashulia, Saver, Dhaka).
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