Various Products

SARBS offers wider range of IT products such as hardware, genuine software, printers, LCD monitor, networking and other accessories including major brand i.e. Microsoft, Intel, Kingston, LG, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, View Sonic, Western Digital, Hewlett Packard, etc.

The World of IT, are often filled with new innovation, which is why We constantly keeping an eye for latest innovation, and updates our inventory to make sure you have the latest technology off ourselves, The company's business is in retailing of information technology product including software, hardware, peripherals and accessories. From the humble beginning, we have come a long way. The support that we receive from our customer has been most encouraging. We thank you for visiting the Website. Whether your needs are for gaming, home life, entertainment, business, government or anything else.

We can build a system that will meet your demands and surpass your expectations. Team SARBS appreciates your interest and invites you to inquire about our growing company. We are also supplying office furniture, stationeries, daily commodities and provide interior decoration services including design and implementation. Moreover we want to increase our client as well as our business area. Different business sector and challenges impress us to involve new business sector. As a service provider we always think about the needs of our counterpart